Instinct Of Self –Preservation-Death Iinstinct
Instinct Of Self –Preservation-Death Iinstinct

Instinct Of Self –Preservation-Death Instinct (9786057280992)

Sanatçı : Sigmund Freud
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In his long, fruitful life, which began in the 1850s and lasted until 1939, Freud added significant value to the world. The famous neurologist is regarded as the founder of the science of psychoanalysis.

While learning Latin, French and English in high school, he learned Hebrew, Spanish and Italian by his own efforts. He was a successful, knowledge-loving student. Influenced by Goethe’s work, he decided to study medicine. Coming from a Jewish family, Freud faced anti-Semitism during his university years and was ostracized by society. However, these problems made him deepen his studies. In 1876 he entered the laboratory of the physiologist Brücke, where he conducted research on anatomy and the human nervous system. He finished his medical studies in 1881. In 1883, Freud started to work as an assistant in the psychiatry clinic under the direction of the famous brain anatomy and neuropathology specialist of the time, Doctor Theodor Meynert. His hunger for knowledge has been satisfied by too many books, new and illuminating discoveries for science, working with patients. Scientists are still reaping the fruits of this hunger in the world of 2023.As Kırmızı Ada Publishing, we are proud to compile and publish Freud’s valuable books and articles.

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